Happy 2013! This DIY chocolate peanut butter is for your sandwich, dinner party, or dessert! Ingredients: 2 tbsp Trader Joe’s creamy salted PB (or other natural peanut butter) 3/4 tsp sugar tsp of unsweetened cocoa powder HOW TO DO IT!!! Mix ingredients together! !food test! On Tarallucci cookies (Italian breakfast treat).  My peanut butter (left)  […]

This is JoyKat! JoyKat is a nice little snack on the road! It’s basically  a small truffle that is made with Almond Joys and KitKats!

This is another post. Anyway, presenting… hot pocket pie! 1. make a hotpocket 2. make corn and peas 3.  get cute dish 4. cut hotpocket 5. pour peas into dish 6.  put hotpocket filling on top of peas/corn and compress 7.  put cut hotpocket on top of filling 8. EAT!

This is WaffleMilky.   It is a breakfast drink (good to drink with Reese’s yogurt!) Anyway,  it tastes like waffles!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Here is the recipe: so all you need is a cup and some milk, vanilla extract, sugar,  and MAPLE SYRUP!!!!!!!! mix in cup and…. PRESTO!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                           This post is just 2 ingredients:    CHOCOLATE CHIPS & MARSHMALLOWS!                (not so healthy, but, I decided to do a dessert this time)                                                     Well, […]

I came up with this on a Halloween. I had got, like, a DOZEN Reese’s Peanut Butter cups! I got some yogurt after trick-or-treating (cause I was sorta hungry), and I thought “what could I do with this?” I got myself a PB cup and thought, “THAT’S IT!” I got out all the ingredients, and […]

Hi! This is my first post.  Recipes to come!